Chairman, Managing Partner, Conducting Officer

Nigel has over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is the Chairman and  co-founder of Royalton Partners since inception in 1996.

Prior to founding Royalton Partners, Nigel was the CEO of Prague-based Creditanstalt Investment Company and chaired investment committees of funds.

He was an advisor to the Czech Foreign Trade Bank in 1990-91.

He was a former board member of the Investec Global Strategy Fund, a Luxemburg UCITS mutual fund.

In 1986, Nigel established Williams Cook Lott and Kissack, now ICAP WCLK, an inter dealer broker in the government bond market, and was CEO of the firm. Previously, Nigel was an Associate Partner of Grieveson Grant.

Nigel holds a degree in Monetary Economics from the London School of Economics.


Nigel Williams

Nigel P. Williams

Chairman, Founding Partner

Roman Babka

Roman Babka

Founding Partner, Chief Valuation Officer

Przemysław Bielicki

Przemysław Bielicki

Partner, Real Estate and Infrastructure

Katherine Ang

Katherine Ang

Partner, Chief Financial Officer

Kristina Asenova

Kristina Asenova

Conducting Officer

Giulia Traverso

Chief Compliance Officer

Helios Padilla Mayer

Chief Risk Officer

José Luis Silva Gracida

Chief Valuation Officer

Maciej Pawlowski

Maciej Pawłowski

Compliance and Legal Officer

Sylwia Myszkowska

Sylwia Myszkowska

Financial Controller

Bretislav Hudecek

Bretislav Hudecek

IT Manager