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Royalton Partners has managed the investment of almost 300m Euro in companies across seven countries in the region. On five exited investments RCI I generated returns to investors of 3.2 multiple of cost and 23.5% gross IRR.







IUS Legal and Business Solutions  RCI II Slovenia, Croatia
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 2011 Current
KOM-EKO S.A. RCI II Poland Waste Management 2011 Current
Central European Airport Services-Litcargus RCI II Lithuania Airport Ground Handling 2011 Current
EPG (Energy Power Group) RCI II Czech Republic Solar Plants 2010 Current
City Parking Group RCI II Poland, Czech & Slovak Republics Car Parking 2009 Current
CertAsig RCI II Romania Non-Life Insurance 2008 Current
Starman RCI I Estonia Cable TV 2000 2007
Allami RCI I Hungary  Security Printing 2000 2006
Lang Holding RCI I Hungary   Education and Publishing 2000 2006
Ella Bank RCI I Hungary Mortgage  Bank  2002 2007
mPunkt RCI I Poland Mobile Phone Distributor  2002  2010
Vratislavia RCI I Poland Real Estate
2004  Current
Cokaladovny       The Czech Fund Czech Republic Food Industry 1993 1996
Prazske Pivovary      The Czech Fund Czech Republic Breweries 1993 1996
Vodni Stavby Praha       The Czech Fund Czech Republic Construction 1993 1996
Ceske Radiokomunikace       The Czech Fund Czech Republic Telecomunications 1994 1996
Chlumcanske Keramicke Zavody      The Czech Fund  Czech Republic Construction materials 1993 1996
SPT Telecom   The Czech Fund  Czech Republic Telecomunications  1995  1996
Tabak      The Czech Fund  Czech Republic Tobaco 1993 1996

Zapadoceske Kaolinove Zavody  

The Czech Fund Czech Republic   Construction materials 1993 1996
ZPS  Zlin Machinery    The Czech Fund  Czech Republic   Producer 1993 1996